Xperia z3 compact (display & wi-fi are broken)

35 €
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Prezzo: 35 €
Inserzionista:  Privato
Tipo di annuncio:  Vendo
Annuncio per:  Telefoni cellulari
Comune: Trento
20MP camera, 16GB storage, green body.

1. display/touchscreen module is broken and has to be replaced. this is not hard operation and you can do it at home if you'll purchase a new screen. The new one costs from 15 (no name) to 50 (original, made by Sony) euro on eBay.

2. wi-fi module also is not working and I don't know if it is possible to replace it.

if you have questions, please send me a message via WhatsApp +393664588723 or e-mail at

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